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    [Suggestion] [Complains] [Needs]

    Post by Aiman on Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:52 pm


    So I got some suggestions Smile

    I know it's only few but CL has everything these days! Very Happy

    - Money Bar

    So, the money bar. What shall we put? HP? Other things? Me and Khalid had a long discussion about this when CL was a baby. 
    My suggestion is to show - HP + Bounty + Points. How? I will explain.

    The Money Bar will change every 15 seconds.

    HP - First 15 seconds. Color will be Red.
    Points - After the 15 seconds. Color will be Green.
    Bounty - After 15 seconds. Color will be Blue. [A Textdraw will be on it/overlapping the normal money bar]

    - Add the /enduel /disduel and /duel

    - /readdme

    When the player is added to the round, sometimes he might be bugged. So he is free to do /readdme within 20 seconds. 

    - /ghelp needs base information.

    - Bring back Timer On for Arena

    - Timer On conditions

    If the round is Timer On, then it takes alot of time to complete. As a result, the players who login after the round starts have to wait....and wait....which is bad. Therefore, lets make the players add to the round at any time when the round is Timer On.

    - Bring back the old Text draws. I mean, the dark green text draws suck! Bring the old one back. Please. The grey one with high transparency. Yes, that was cool! EVERYONE LOVED IT! But this one....

    - /dms

    It needs a bit of work in the spaces and stuff.

    - HP TextDraws

    There are billion text draws showing the hp / dmg made/lost. Which looks really awkward...

    - /cmds

    It needs a bit of spacing work too. And adding more colors into it will be nice. (normal blue will be nice. Cyan [CL Color] will make it look bad. And there is this "Use [!] for teamchat......" That blue is nice too)

    - /animations

    /animations does not need that type of animations

    - Achievements 

    This is important. The players can earn achievements by doing something. That may include - staying in the server for a long time etc. The importance of this suggestion is that players will have the feeling to achieve the most achievements etc. Well, it is a good idea. Razz

    So, the achievements can be

    + Staying in the server for 50 hours.
    + Staying in the server for 3 hours continuous.
    + Killing 3 times in a row
    + Doing 15 headshots in total
    + Doing 50 headshots in total
    + Killing 100 players totally
    + Killing 30 players in one login.
    + Buying alot of things from /shop.
    + Dieing 25 times in 1 login

    And so on. The players who earn an achievement will get 250 points. Players can use /achievements to check THEIR achievements (the ones they earned). They must NOT know the whole achievement list. If so, then the idea of exploration and adventure is lost. Players will just do what's in the list. So it will be a secret. 

    The players will be like - ta ta da da....random stuff.....living SA:MP.......doing stuff...... KABOOM! YOU HAVE WON AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR DOING STUFF!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! 
    Player - OMG WTF! COOL!

    - Field names

    Sometimes, we forget the IDs of the fields. Therefore, an admin can use "/start arena thrift shopping" "/start base SF PD" etc. It will be very easy for the admin Smile

    I guess that is pretty much it! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

    I will add stuff in the comments below! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

    Hope you like my ideas! Bye!

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