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    Note: The creation of an account on the KHK forums means you have read and comprehended the following rules. These rules involve the whole forum and the activities in-game. The KHK gang reserves the right of admission, permanency or expulsion of an user if considered necessary.

    A) Accounts in the forum:

    The user is allowed to:
    1) Create one account in the KHK forums. The creation of a secondary account must be consulted with the administrators and is otherwise forbidden.

    2) Have an avatar of his own choice as long as it doesn't break any of the rules below.

    3) Have a signature which can include text, emoticons and images, always as long as it doesn't break any of the rules below. The signature will also have to be limited to a picture and/or 5 lines of text.

    4) Request a change of nick as long as specified in a post with both the original and the new nick.

    5) Modify and moderate its own profile as his own wish, as long as it doesn't break any of the rules below.

    The user is forbidden to:
    1) Steal another user's account, if done so it'll be penalized severely.

    2) Publish other user's personal information without his/her consent, in direct or indirect way.

    3) Trick other users into making them think you are part of the staff of the KHK Forums or faking being an actual member of said staff.

    4) The use of avatars that may contain other user's pictures without it's permission or any other kind of offensive content (porn, gore, racism, insults, etc.).

    B) Behavior:

    The user is allowed to:
    1) Create and answer threads according to his/her own rank. Said answers can form part of a discussion as long as its made in a respectful and kind way.

    2) Report a thread or private message if this one doesn't respect the KHK Forums rules (this report is always anonymous unless specified by the user).

    3) Consult to a member of the staff in a private message about any doubt or disagreement with the rules, a mistake in the register of his/her account, suggestions and related actions.

    4) Report an action made by a member of the staff in the Report section (or a private message if the user prefers to keep himself/herself anonymous).

    5) Exposing pictures or personal information in the threads or in his own profile, as long as it doesn't break any of the rules below.

    -Disclaimer: The staff doesn't take any responsibilities for the misuse said information may have outside the forums.

    6) Retire from KHK Forums and any activity related if considered necessary.

    The user is forbidden to:
    1) Disrespect any user of KHK Forums or the members of the staff under any circumstances and in any way. This rule doesn't apply if there's any kind of trust between the implicated users.

    2) Demean the clan reputation among other clans (For instance by flaming, raging and etc).

    3) Ask for promotions.

    4) Publishing material that foments violence in a direct or indirect way.

    5) Publishing pornographic material or any derivatives.

    6) The creation of threads or posting to complain about a sanction given by a member of the staff.

    7) The creation of threads or posting non-constructive criticism.

    8) The creation of threads or posting non-sense answers. The Fun board was created with this purpose.

    9) The promotion of other Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer servers other than the KHK gang officials unless being previously informed to a member of the staff without exceptions. The only exception of this rule is the narration of anecdotes or lived experience and even so it isn't allowed the publishing of the server's IP unless consulted to a member of the staff.

    10) The constant posting of a particular topic or posting threads or answers in the wrong boards or posts. This is considered floor and is punished by the staff of KHK Forums.

    11) The explicit publishing of pictures or other material that may affect the sensibility of other users. Said material must be hidden in a "Spoiler" or if out of this with the adequate warning (i.e.: Adding [NSFW] in the threads' title).

    C) Staff:

    1) The hierarchic order of the staff in KHK Forums and the KHK gang are the following (for deeper description, click me):
    Owner: The creator and leader of the KHK gang and main administrator of the forums and the servers.

    Co-owner: The second in charge of both the forums and the servers and the administrator who takes the decisions when the Owner isn't online.

    Major: The most important rank after the Owner and Co-owner's. These are the most important members of the staff and the ones who take the big choices in case of not being available neither the Owner or the Co-owner around the KHK Forums.

    Warlord: The greatest rank and leaders of the DeathMatch Squad. They take the decisions involving the Clan Wars and Training Clan Wars held with other Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer gangs and the permanency or expulsion of the members of the DeathMatch Squad.

    Co-warlord: The second in charge in the hierarchy of the DeathMatch Squad. In case of not being a Warlord present, they take the decisions involving the Squad or the Clan Wars/Training Clan Wars.

    Dedicated Members: The most remarkable official members from the KHK gang, in their way of becoming part of the Major member. They are able to participate in the important issues that regards the KHK Forums or the KHK gang servers. They also have access to our properties (i.e YouTube channels, GTAT group and so forth)

    Official Members: The most of the members of the KHK gang. They are capable of voting in applications and any other poll, as well as they can post in any board and participate of discussions.

    Recruits: These are the recent accepted applicants. They have to prove themselves to get official rank. They aren't allowed to vote in any poll or application but they can comment and post threads just like any other member. They are under test at all times and should not be considered a part of the KHK gang.

    2) The staff's work in the KHK Forums and the KHK gang servers is of maintaining the order and correct functioning of these and the coexistence of the users. This can be done by the applying of sanctions; the deleting, moving or locking of threads; and the edition or deletion of messages.

    3) The staff isn't forced to offer answers regarding the different aspects of the forums or the servers but they are free to do if they wish. This isn't the function of the staff and this is the reason of the creation of these rules or other threads around the forums.

    4) The staff can participate of threads or the different activities around the forums and the servers, always with a responsible, eloquent and careful attitude in their answers.

    5) The staff is forbidden to allow the access of third parties into their accounts.

    6) The staff will never abuse of the abilities he/she acquired within his rank. This rule applies either by automatically kicking a member without previous consulting with a majority of the high ranked KHK staff (exceptions being the Owner and the Co-owner) and the abuse of the administrator's commands in the KHK gang servers (this rule has no exceptions).

    7) Improperness of performance of a staff member will result in a demotion and it is not open to argument.

    D) The servers:

    1) The KHK gang related servers are constantly taken care of by the KHK staff but any reclaim, suggestion or comment about them must be posted in the respective boards. Still, the staff can receive reports from abusive users while they are online and decide in the moment the respective punishment.

    2) The users are forbidden from using any kind of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas modification unless previously approved by a high-ranked member of the staff (Hall of Fame, Warlords or the Co-owner and Owner themselves). This includes aimbots, wallhacks, airbreakers, parkour or any other thinkable modification that may be considered "cheat".

    3) The users must respect the rules according to the server and any particular game mode they may include.

    4) The users are forbidden to: Flood, spam, insult other users or KHK gang staff, fake a membership in the KHK gang, the abuse of bugs, spawn-killing and any other kind of behavior considered unappropriated.

    5) Just as in KHK Forums, the members of the KHK gang staff maintains zero-tolerance policies against fake KHK gang members (any non-member who logs in any server with the [KHK] tag) or pretending being part of the current staff.

    E) DeathMatch Team:

    1) Having great skills Deathmatching does not guarantee your admission or stay in the DeathMatch Team. You are constantly being watched and at any case of lower of skills or improper behavior the Owners, Warlords and Co-Warlords have the right to remove you from the team and it is not open to argument.

    2) Not being in the DeathMatch Team means you do not have a word and/or you are unable to join a (Training) Clan War unless being approved by a Owner, Warlord or Co-Warlord.

    F) Disclaimers:

    1) These rules are subject to changes without notice other than the date of update by the KHK gang staff.

    2) The ignorance or misinterpretation of these rules are in any way justification of their breach. The sanction will be taken as it corresponds.

    3) The sanctions taken by a user in any of the KHK gang servers may have repercussions in the forums and his/her account. This will be decided by the KHK gang staff.

    4) If the user surpasses a period of two to four months of inactivity either in the forums and/or in the servers without previous announcement, said user will be automatically kicked out of the gang (or it'll have his/her rank reduced in case of being part of the KHK gang staff).

    5) The official KHK tag is [KHK] and it can only be used in that way. The only exception is with recruits, who will use the tag [KHK(r)].

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    Update: Minor fixes, no new rules.

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