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    Clans Lair Review Empty Clans Lair Review

    Post by Aiman on Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:33 am

    Hey CL-ions (Yeah, I made that up)

    I have an idea to check how CL is to other players. 

    So, the review system will go like this

    When a players come to our server, we will entertain them with what ever features we 've got. And when they are about to leave, we just ask how is this server? Rate it out of 5? Why? Your comment?

    So after that, we must post what they said. In this format ofcourse

    Name of the player : 

    Rating : -/5

    Comment : 

    Favorite feature : 

    What we need to improve/work on : 

    For example : 

    Name of the player : Sandl

    Rating : 4/5

    Comment : "The server is cool! I love every feature! The text draws are awesome! But......there is low number of players Sad Anyways! Cool server! Very Happy  Very Happy"

    Favorite feature : Everything!

    What we need to improve/work on : We need more players in CL. I guess that's all.  LETS DO SOME SA:MP marketing!!!!

    That's it! 


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