Things To Do In San Andreas 'Till You're Dead


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    Things To Do In San Andreas 'Till You're Dead

    Post by [KHK]Antumarin on Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:26 pm

    I don't often play with mods but- HOLY SHIT, this is awesome. I'm serious, this is like playing the actual full version of San Andreas. New peds, new main and side missions, new interiors, bigger chances to see every ped and car in the game, tons and tons of tweaks. And the best of all, it was all in the game files, the guy just fixed it all and made it present in the game! I mean it, I was losing hope in the game already. Just way too many awesome shit to do.

    Here, let me show you a list of what I think it's the best this mod brings:
    - The intro video now has lyrics from Young Maylay (the voice of CJ).
    - Rusty Browns Ring Donuts are now available as deserts at the fast food outlets.
    - There are now several Adrenaline pickups scattered around San Andreas. As in other GTA games, these allow you to perform feats of super strength in a slowed-down world for a short time.
    - Added several Rampages around San Andreas.
    - Many significant tweaks to peds. There is now a much greater number of different peds throughout San Andreas with a greater variety of appearance and behaviours - some even have several unique behavioural characteristics.
    - Added the '$50 Good Citizen Bonus' feature if you can find and kill an elusive 'psycho' ped.
    - The food vendors at the various carts in San Andreas are now unique to their carts rather than being the same generic one at each type of cart.
    - Added single player versions of the 2-player 'free roam' missions from the PS2 version (the second player is now a NPC that follows you).
    - Like the other police stations in the game the San Fierro Police Department building can now be entered and also contains hidden weapons (the interior was in the game but unused).
    - The Ammu-Nation store in Los Santos is now on two floors as its external appearance suggests (the interior was in the game but unused).
    - Enhancements have been made to the traffic around San Andreas - there is now a slightly increased chance of each vehicle appearing in the game and an attempt has been made to ensure that each vehicle is more likely to appear in an area it is more appropriate to.
    - The safe house interior in Vinewood is now the large one that its exterior and appearance suggests and works correctly (the interior was in the game but unused).
    - There are several more items of clothing available at the clothes stores, including t-shirts, trousers, caps and more.
    - The Safe House you can purchase in Blueberry is now a Motel Room as its external appearance suggests.
    - The three Bomb Shops in the game now all work correctly and are indicated on the radar. - The 24/7 stores around San Andreas now have a larger variety of interiors. You can now also 'rob' the 24/7 stores as in previous GTA games by aiming a gun at the shopkeepers. Money will appear next to the cash register, and the number of 24/7's you rob will also be recorded in your stats. As in other GTA games, the longer you stay in the store and aim at the cashier, the more money that will be handed over but the higher your wanted level will get.
    - The Leviathan helicopter now always has a magnet like it does in the 'Up, Up and Away!' mission.
    - The machine in the junk yard near Angel Pine can now be used like a car crusher/chop shop.
    - Added the '$30 Taxi ride' feature as seen in other GTA games - if you are wasted or busted when on a mission, a taxi may appear outside the police station/hospital (provided you are in a major city) which you can enter and ride back to your mission start point for a $30 fare.
    - Added the 'Pizza Boy', 'Trash Dash', 'Cherry Poppers', 'Car Salesman', 'Slash TV', '9mm Mayhem', 'Scooter Shooter', 'AWOL Angel', 'Caddy Daddy', 'Karmageddon/Crush!/Rush!', 'Cone Crazy', 'Stunt Boat Challenge' and many others, like previous GTA games had.
    - You can now enter and use the crane in Los Santos like the other cranes in the game.
    - Added the 'fare bonus' feature as seen in Vice City. If you are driving a Bus or Coach and stop to let a passenger get on board you will get a $5 bonus for each passenger you collect.
    - Tons of fixes and minor tweaks.
    - Added several Easter Eggs.

    What the fuck are you waiting for?

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    Re: Things To Do In San Andreas 'Till You're Dead

    Post by [KHK]KniGhT on Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:09 am

    u think we are going to read it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O NEVERRRRRRR

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