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    Prototype of game Empty Prototype of game

    Post by [KHK]Antumarin on Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:55 am

    Apparently I missed a class (the only class I fucking missed because of a beauty mark extraction) which was really important. Luckily we'll see the themes once we start coding again in about two weeks.
    Anyways, this is what I delivered for the final work in that subject.

    * Stand over the sprites and press the "E" button.
    * Collect every note and suitcase in the level.
    * Be careful where you are standing when the enemies are close. These are kinda messed up (i.e: They can see you in the main hallways and in the left one, not in the right one or in the cubicles otherwise this would be impossible).
    * Try not to touch the walls too much, I did my best with the collisions and not even the teacher could help me with that (there's a way but is WAY too complex).
    * The enemy on the top can see trough the glass (I made that on purpose, I know how to prevent it from happening and I don't want to).
    * Once you picked up everything get to the beginning (The green marker).

    Once again, this is a prototype. This doesn't even have half things I want to add it (I have plenty of ideas but if you want to throw anything I might add it). Please let me know any bug you find (except for the collisions, not much I can do about it, AS3 sucks at making this kind of collisions).

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    Prototype of game Empty Re: Prototype of game

    Post by [KHK]Khalid on Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:09 am

    Was too fun to finish level one though it was hard when I picked the briefcase and had to go to the green icon Razz. I have one idea for now, put a pickup to make you invincible for 30 seconds maybe at a place which is hard to be reached, will come with more ideas later.

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