Get rid of inactivity Rule



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    Get rid of inactivity Rule

    Post by Troy on Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:30 am

    Enough is enough.

    Today I simply got onto the forums as I occasionally do to check up on things or pick fights with vTr. As I noticed, a "Kicked For Inactivity Thread"... I thought, Must be another one.. I click on it. I see one of the name's, In my mind they are in bold lettering screaming at me "SHADOWLANCE". Your telling me, ShadowLance, One of the first members on KHK and one of the best of all time is being kicked out. 1) You don't know where these guys are.. 2) You don't know what's going on. 3) You have no right. This rule is ridiculous, I'd admit I have been inactive but kicking someone without knowing what is happening? If anything you have to have patience. I'm going to say that we just get rid of the rule, Khalid, Sorry you messed up big time. I hate to start controversy over this, because their will be an argument up risen. Khalid you need to stop with all the phonie rules, I know your the owner and can do whatever you want but it's completely idiotic.


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    Re: Get rid of inactivity Rule

    Post by [KHK]Zizo on Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:37 am

    inactivity has been chasing our ass since a long time it destroys the damn clan and you want us to remove the rule which prevents it?

    inactive member= useless and we are in no need of useless members. thread locked before pointless blablablablalaaahh

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