Hooray for shitstorm month!


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    Hooray for shitstorm month!

    Post by [KHK]Antumarin on Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:12 am

    Out of kidding, what's going on here? Not everybody but some of you are seriously rustled and I really can't find a reason:

    * Troy coming out of the blue and asking for his old rank back without even re-applying.
    * Javad thinking the world is against him for being Iranian.
    * M4 going apeshit for a stupid joke.
    * Aiman tries to settle things about discrimination and the whole thing turns a mess (because of obviously expected counter-positions).
    * Romero posting about wishing to delete ranks.

    Chill the fuck down.
    Not everybody thinks like you.
    Nobody is over or under you.
    And you surely can't expect to appear after a long absence and suddenly start demanding big changes.

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