Regarding new members

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    Regarding new members

    Post by [KHK]BlueBaron on Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:33 am

    Well its clear we've attracted some new members and I've received some complaints about certain things some that I do.
    ONE Killing KHK members when you're in the gang is not cool. If it's for a joke it's alright, but killing them repeatedly is not.
    TWO The gang has members from different parts of the world, for instance many members speaks different languages. Even if the official gang language is English, speaking any language is fine. Don't recriminate at people regarding their language or ethnicity. Note: This isn't regarding any former members, but most of the new ones.
    THREE If a hacker speaks your language, don't befriend him. Don't just stand there and enjoy their hacks, persuade him to get out and then report him, regardless of his reaction.
    FOUR Be nice to everyone, especially if they are members. There is no mean things to say about anyone or anything. If you have an issue to solve with one member talk with him in private messages or private chat. If it's something serious and involves the gang respect or many members, report him/them. This has been done before and if used correctly it might be very effective.
    FIVE DO NOT COPY!! If you use content (logos, banners, signatures, ideas for events, etc.) from any other member ask for the original creator's consent, and then in the post you must name him, otherwise it will be considered stolen. In specific cases if you take content from the internet (for example, making a signature by simply taking pictures from the web and adding names) you must clarify it.

    Those are most of the ground rules I decided that should be added, If any regards are made to it please post it in the Reply section BELOW. This isn't a wake up call, it's just a future reference Smile

    Sincerely, TroyPickens.

    Certain points added and modified by Antumarin.

    Re-added on the new forum by BlueBaron.


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