Changelog [LAST: 16/6/2013]


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    Changelog [LAST: 16/6/2013]

    Post by [KHK]Khalid on Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:59 am

    - Removed /testmode.
    - Fixed a bug with /ints that you could teleport to interiors and leave the match.
    - Fixed a bug in DMs creation system.
    - Fixed a minor bug in /vr command.
    - Fixed a bug that although a player was removed from match, their data would still be checked by the system as match players.
    - Spawned vehicles are destroyed on respawn.
    - When a player spawns a vehicle, any other spawned vehicles by this player are destroyed.
    - Fixed a bug that defenders could drive attackers' vehicles.
    - You should not get the gunmenu on re-spawn again.
    - DM IDs are starting from 1 now not 0.
    - Fixed: When you created a new DM it wouldn't take the next free slot (ID) but the slot after it.
    - Fixed above bug with fields as well.
    - Possibly fixed a bug that players might fall when they spawn in an interior.
    - Added nos to vehicles.
    - Added a small help movie on startup of each field.
    - Fixed: when an admin used one of the healing commands, the match stats (Team HP) wouldn't be updated.
    - Fixed: when a player was kicked/banned, the match didn't delete their IDs from its to-check list.
    - Fixed a major bug in Damages system (in battles).
    - Added /para to get/drop parachute.
    - Changed most of client messages colours to CL colour.

    - Added BaseMode (as requested by everyone played in the server, on top of those: vTr, Karim and Knight).
    - Added RaceMode (Not completely available as of this version for some reason).
    - Fixed a bug with TeamDmg textdraws.
    - Vehicles will not disappear as soon as you exit them from now (however they will be destroyed when a match ends).
    - Added /ints command to teleport to interiors.
    - Added new admin commands (check /acmds).
    - Headshots will be announced in the main chat.
    - Added /switch command.
    - Voting time is a little longer now.
    - Some tweaks to the ping, FPS and packet checker.

    - Added a shop where you can buy some useful items (check /shop).
    - Fixed some bug in spectation system.
    - Fixed a bug in visual damage system.
    - Fixed a few minor bugs in /topfive command.
    - Fixed a major bug in DM creation system.
    - Fixed a major bug in Fields creation system.
    - Fixed a bug that any message sent to a player right before they get kicked/banned wouldn't be displayed.
    - Added a no-clip camera flymode (check /watch).
    - Added team damage (taken/given) textdraws.

           - Fixed a bug when a player exceeds max area warnings they might not be completely removed from the match.
    - Fixed a bug that spectation info string got cut off when you spec a player in match.
    - Checkpoints can be seen (on radar) from long distances now.
    - Changed gunmenu design (colours).
    - Finished admin commands (/acmds) and changed admin rank names (using Greek alphabet now).
    - Click a player from tab menu to get their info.
    - A completely new server intro added.
    - Changed skins.
    - Players will get auto-added if they enter the server 40 seconds after round start.
    - Fixed a bug that if a spectator didn't type /specoff (left the server or switched maybe) the spectated player would still see "Spectating you" textdraw.
    - Round deaths were not being added to total deaths that should be fixed now.
    - The voting system will be automatically switched off if less than 2 players are online (to avoid spam and load on the server).
    - Fixed a bug in Battle matches (Timer on) that the player with the lowest ID online could be the winner no matter how many kills they got.
    - /msgboxsound should be working properly now.

           - Added team chat.
           - Mapname in the samp client changes.
           - Most likely fixed players' radar bug.
           - Weapons are carried on the back now.
           - Shortened the match-voting message.

           - First stable beta (status) release.


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    Re: Changelog [LAST: 16/6/2013]

    Post by [KHK]Khalid on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:00 pm

    Mode at version: 0.9-b6


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