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    Post by Twenty_ on Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:11 pm

    - Any application that doesn't follow the rules/points in this guide, will be immediately rejected.
    - You can post only ONE application a month.
    - You cannot join other clans while you are a member of KHK.
    - When you post your application don't expect to get a response within a day. It can take a month, depends on how good you are.
    - Do not ask for votes or for getting your application accepted. The only thing you can do is to be active in the server/forum.
    You can only put the KHK tag into your name if one of the mentioned
    people above posted in your application saying that you are accepted.
    - You will not be able to join TCWs/CWs (unless a warlord gives you permission) until you become in the DM squad.
    This is more like a tip, do not use a translator to create your
    application; we want to see your real English skills, yes you can use it
    to translate a word or two but not your WHOLE application.

    - You must follow the rules of the server which we are playing at. ye
    - You must be mature and respectful towards other players. ye
    - You must be against cheating and hacking. ye
    - You must be able to speak a proper English. ye
    - You must be a free player, not a member of any other clans in any other SA-MP servers. ye
    You must be skilled at something (e.g. photoshopping, mapping,
    scripting, video editing, web-design and etc), every member here plays
    an important role so think about what you can do for the clan. ye

    Application Format:

    Personal part

    Real Name:Mouad
    Age:14 and .... to 15 in august
    Nationality Morroco
    Current Location: Safi
    Time Zone: GMT
    Contacts (xfire, msn, yahoo or facebook..etc):xfire; mou4d - facebook ! privat i send u at pm or something -- skype : mouadox.endox

    Game part

    In-game name:0Pt1Mu$s.
    Previous in-game names: Mouad
    When do you often play: i'm active
    How long have you been playing SA-MP: 2 years
    Have you ever joined any clan (Mention the name of the clan and the reason for your leaving): GWE - RMG - YRF - HFC -
    Average FPS in EU servers:30
    Average PacketLoss in EU servers: 0.1 or 0.0
    Average Ping in EU servers: 100
    Which servers do you play at (Put name and IP):NSG-DOD-uL etc
    What kind of SAMPER are you (e.g. Roleplayer, AAD and etc): AAD ! and runnies
    Do you use any modifications (if you do, please tell us what you use):

    Questioning part
    Who are your friends from KHK: karim ; khalid ; ayman ; others
    What name would you like to use beside the holy KHK tag after getting accepted:[KHK]Opti
    Why would we accept you? What can you do for this clan? What role are you going to play here? (VERY IMPORTANT):best
    How did you find us:everywhere Very Happy
    Would you ever leave us (If the answer is yes, then state a reason): idk
    Why did you choose KHK from all the other clans out there:

    Deathmatching part

    Leave this empty if you are not interested in joining our DM squad.
    Also remember that you will be tested by a (co-)warlord, so better don't lie.

    - Rate on a scale of 10

    A/D level: 7/10
    Lag shooting skill: ?/10
    C-bug skill: 7/10
    Without c-bug skill:8/10
    WW skill: 6/10
    RW skill: 8/10
    Spas skill: 7/10
    Sniper skill: 7-8/10
    What is your weapon set in A/D (rate the skills of those weapons as well):7.5

    A video of your skills:
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    Post by [KHK]Antumarin on Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:36 pm

    hancock, yesterday at 12:56 pm wrote:
    close this pls Smile no more app
    Really? You ask to lock and reject your apply, then you try again the next day? With the same mistakes you did the last time (and even more) but with different in-game name??
    Even if you reconsidered you'll have to wait a month like the rest. Requesting lockdown and reject.

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